Original German WWII Luftwaffe Gravity Knife by Solinger Metallwaren Fabrik - SMF

Produced by Solinger Metalwaren-Fabrik Stöcker & Co. GmbH, also known as SMF, who were one of the major producers of this knife during WWII. Their "Seated King" over Solingen trademark is seen on the blade, as well as ROSTFREI (rust free) indicating stainless steel construction.

This example has fine, stainless steel components. The blade release button and base are marked with production number 77. The knife is partly functional, with all parts present, except for the blade release spring, which has broken off ( the spring has cracked through, a common issue due to the springs used, which unfortunately are not spring steel), Marlin spike functions properly. The base of the marlin spike is marked with a Weimar/Luftwaffe eagle with a number 5 inside.

The grip plates are of walnut with the standard four retaining rivets. These plates are in good condition throughout.

A very nice rare Luftwaffe gravity knife by SMF!

These knives utilize a four-inch (100 mm) telescoping (OTF), gravity-propelled locking blade. First produced in 1937, the FJM was issued to German flight crews and paratroops, primarily for the purpose of cutting a trapped parachutist from his rigging in case he landed with a tangled parachute, or became entangled in trees with the shroud lines. Though not intended for use as a fighting knife, the FJM's blade could be and was used as a close combat weapon when necessary. The Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger-Messer uses a sliding blade inside a metal gripframe, which was originally fitted with smooth wood scales, usually of beech or walnut. The blade itself is a relatively blunt spear-point, and the profile is flat ground, tapering to a utility edge. To open the blade, the user points the FJM downwards while flipping up the fulcrum-style operating lever, allowing gravity to draw out the blade to its fullest extent. Releasing the lever locks the blade into position. The FJM may also be opened by flipping the blade release lever while flicking the wrist holding the knife, causing the blade to extend. The FJM was also equipped with a folding marlinspike or awl. Primarily intended for untangling rope knots, it can also be used as a prying tool. There are three principal types of wartime-era Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger-Messers.

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SOLD - Reference only - Original German WWII Luftwaffe Gravity Knife by Solinger Metallwaren Fabrik - SMF

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