Original WWI Imperial German Kugelhandgranate 1915 NA

The Kugelhandgranate ("ball hand grenade") is the name given to a model of a hand thrown fragmentation grenade manufactured in Germany .

By 1915, German industry was preparing for a long war and resources were already becoming stretched, making it beneficial from both an economic and manufacturing point of view to design a replacement for the Kugelhandgranate Mod. 1913. The Kugelhandgranate Mod. 1915 (which was considerably easier to produce) was thus introduced and used from 1915 onward. This design, further simplified, was quickly adopted as the successor to the Mle. 1913 and was produced in vast numbers.

Offered example is complete with insert fuse

Completely insert, shipping in USA only

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Original WWI Imperial German Kugelhandgranate ( Kugel ) 1915 NA

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