Original German WWI MG 08/15 drum

Drum is marked as manufactured by “E&G” (Ehirch & Graetz, Lampen-Fabrik Ehrich & Graetz OHG" (E&G).Berlin) with typical “Feuer! / Kurbel hoch” (Fire! – Handle up) markings impressed at rear of drum. Spool moves freely. Exterior of the drum retains about 90% of its green paint with the balance showing as deeply scaled corrosion, typical of these vintage original. A very nice offering for the WWI Maxim MG 08/05. All appear to be in working order,  there some denting on the the top cover.

Maxim MG08/15 100 round drum magazine was introduced by the German Army in 1917. The drum magazine is of pressed metal construction and fits on the right side of the Maxim 08/15 machine gun. The magazine has a metal hinge cover that is opened to accommodate a 100 round cloth belted loaded ammunition belt. Once the belt is loaded, a mechanical crank handle engages the ammunition belt and the proper tension is adjusted by a lockable cam mechanism.

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SOLD - Original German WWI MG 08/15 drum

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