Original WWII U.S.  Navy RBZ Special receiver E-75

RBZ was produced by Emerson during World War II. It is a 5-tube short-wave AM-only receiver intended for tactical usage. The RBZ frequency range is 2 - 5.8 MHz, however there also was an RBZ Special version operating on 5 - 13 MHz. Unit offered for sale is RBZ Special with 5-13 MHz operating frequency.

General description: radio consist of two identical plastic water-tight boxes , containing the receiver and the batteries respectively and connected to each other by a short 5-wire cable. The headset consists of two earphones kept close to ears by a canvas skull cap.  The two boxes were both fitted into a two-pouch canvas holder. The receiver is powered by one 67.5V battery for the anodes and two 1.5V batteries in parallel for the filaments. All batteries are housed in the same box.


Radio and Power supply pack appear to be internally complete, frequency dial and value turn and appear it works. We are unable to test radio so please assume it is not in working condition. Power cable is missing some of it isolation. Head phone cable has been cut.

Pack is complete with snaps working, it has some soling from use but in overall good condition

Skull cap is complete it has some soling from use but is in good condition.

Inside the skull cap is headset assembly, which looks complete

There is not instruction book or antenna lead included

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Original WWII U.S. Navy RBZ Special receiver E-75

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