Original WWII Russian RGD33 Stick Grenade, Defensive/Offensive.

Grenade was issued as a defensive grenade, but could be turned into an offensive grenade by removing the fragmentation sleeve.  Operation was:
The striker pin was cocked by pulling the handle and secured by a safety switch that held the handle in this position. When the user released the switch, the whole handle would go forward and the striker pin would hit the primer. This would fire a 3-4 seconds delay, and the grenade was thrown.

Example for sale if fully insert
it does not come with the primer/detonator tube.
Cocking spring is strong and holds tension
Most paint is present. 

Completely insert, shipping in USA only

It will ship disassembled

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Original WWII Russian RGD33 Stick Grenade, Defensive/Offensive

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